We're a community-first ecosystem for entertainment fans and creators, offering exclusive access and utility (URL & IRL), at the intersection of Hollywood and Web 3.

With access to a vast collection of over 60,000 movie memorabilia items, as well as additional Hollywood IP and utility from Planet Hollywood and Animoca Brand's established partner network…we're all in for a star-studded time!

Meta Hollywood will also work to provide opportunities for creators to share their work, participate in productions, and monetize their talents in both traditional and tokenized economies within a DAO environment for the community.

Meta Hollywood transports guests into the amazing world of Meta through authentic and rare memorabilia. We aspire to bridge real-world entertainment experiences and digital assets through NFTs.

Leveraging a historical list of popular IP

With over 60,000 IP from the most popular films across Hollywood, such as 'The Terminator', 'Rocky', 'Star Wars', 'King Kong', 'Top Gun' and '007', Meta Hollywood has immediate access to creating a secondary market for ownership over physical and virtual Hollywood related memorabilia.


Meta Hollywood NFT Community

The Meta Hollywood (MH) NFT Community proposes to build a platform to gather both the creators and fans, facilitating the interactions between them, pulling all movie-lovers, studios, producers, and creators closer through memorabilia, physical and digital experiences, and the use of NFT technology. A community like no other that has the power to enable studios, creators and fans to create unique opportunities.


    A platform to exhibit their work and share the behind-the-scenes process
    Closer integration between studios and industry professionals
    Exposure to new online audiences and communities
    Gain insights within fan forums to develop and enhance the quality of creators future work


    Create their own channel and offer paid content to users
    Provide never-before-seen workshops and masterclasses
    Bringing fans closer to their favourite celebrities
    Fans get the opportunity to learn from industry professionals whilst be able to connect with fellow users


    Use of HWOOD token to crowdfund independent movies and projects
    Create additional revenue streams for Studios in the industry
    Expand studio support to different ecosystems

The Native Token

Meta Hollywood's HWOOD token ($HWOOD)

Utilizing our native token, Meta Hollywood's HWOOD token ($HWOOD), we aspire to realize our goal in transforming the amazing Hollywood experience into a next-generation ecosystem that benefits and reaches more supporters and creators.



Laying the community's foundation with a reward system.

Give power back to the community. Drive the platform forward. Every HWOOD holder is empowered to influence decisions over the community's development.

18% of the total supply of HWOOD is allocated for the fashion and content development fund.

    Licensing : grants of HWOOD to movie creators, actors, critics, etc. in return for licensing rights to produce officially-licensed collectibles.
    Listing : grants of HWOOD to physical movie collectibles companies to list the rare and officially-licensed collectibles on Meta Hollywood.
    Third-party platforms : grants of HWOOD to development teams for creating, hosting, or managing platforms that support the collection of rare memorabilia and feature them on Meta Hollywood.
    Retail partnerships : grants of HWOOD for the integration of the Meta Hollywood platform into third-party platforms.
    Localization : grants of HWOOD to global partners for incentivizing local news, platform localization, and market strategies.

To encourage the holding of Meta Hollywood's HWOOD Coin (HWOOD), we will offer a unique staking program to our community.